Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2nd Annual Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

Today if you're caught gazing at Hollywood's hottest, you "officially" have an 'official excuse'. No kidding! Welcome to the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day - it's a real holiday. This is my second year hosting such an event. (If you'd like to see last years contenders, here's a recap of my favorites.)

We're celebrating this glorious holiday once again. This year EASILY could've been all about Chris Evans, but went with a bit more variety. I might save him for a rain day. You're welcome, ladies. Which celebrity crushes have you been feasting your eyes on lately?

Andrew Lincoln

Michiel Huisman


  1. Ha, I love this list. I almost can't look at Andrew Lincoln in a suit. He's such a good actor on TWD, that I literally cannot picture him in another role (at least not with the scraggly Rick beard!).

  2. Thank you Mariah! It's weird seeing him out of his Rick costumes but he does clean up mighty-fine! :)