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14 Eye Candy Perks That'll Make Us Watch ALL THE THINGS

When Cupid flings his arrow towards a particular actor or actress, a heart-struck mission is sparked in us: to scour the Earth for everything this person has been in since the beginning of time.

Nothing is really better than watching our favorite person (of the moment or all-time) for hours on end. This pays off a) because we're fangirling over pure hotness and b) there's the substance stuff too like finding little nuggets of unappreciated nooks of their career.

But then there are movies or television shows that seem to have a bad rap; red flags jump up when we look at certain titles which promise to induce boredom comas. We're faced with skipping over that movie or taking a leap of faith. Sometimes we need that extra push.

In my years of super serious fangirling, I've discovered certain eye candy incentives that will make me watch my celebrity crush in anything. If there is the slightest hint that they look like or have any of these types of scenes, my fate is sealed. Have you watched your celebrity crush in something (or too many movies), and loved or regretted it? Nothing will stop us from watching all the things! 

Tousled hair

Caught in a rainstorm

Tailored suits

Drunk and cute

Tight Shirts


Playing sports

 Handling small animals

Any signs of romance

Leather jackets


Puppy dog eyes

With kids (especially babies)

Period Dramas


With a Beard

In Armor

Making Out



In the bath/shower


hair trembling with emotion

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