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New Look + Feeling Like A New Me

November 22, 2015

My blog has a whole new style and domain. I'm feeling like a whole new me.

You could say that I've been struggling with where my blog belonged for a while.

Movies are a huge part of who I am, so that's why I started blogging.

A part of me was seeking a big change this summer and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

My passion for movies seemed to dwindle. I still loved blogging and reading what others were writing, but instead I just didn't know what I wanted to say or even tried to say in the oh-so-many draft posts I started and trashed. Walking away from movies felt like a good idea 'cause I assumed taking a break would do me good.

In one way, it didn't 'cause the movie fairy didn't show up and wave her magic wand like I thought she would. I did not wake up one morning with the sudden excitement and drive to catch up on all the movies I wanted to watch but was missing out on.

In another way, the break gave me inspiration to celebrate other fandom I loved: binge-watching on The X-Files, recapping The Walking Dead, and writing more personal posts that related to movies or pop culture in some way. I let myself color outside the niche I was pursuing and started getting more and more ideas.

Did they fit in with my blog as it was? I didn't think so.

Stepping back from movies gave inspiration of where I'd like to go as a blogger, what kind of reviewer I'd like to be, the positive yet constructive critical place I've wanted to jettison into the blogosphere but never quite felt like I reached.

A spark is starting to come back now - 'cause there's a new phase I want to dip into: geeking out over over books, television shows, fandom, adventures as a Muggle, and definitely movies.

This blog has had a lot of transformations over the short time that I've had it. I liked to experiment with layouts and ideas, and finally I feel like I'm starting to settle into where my blogging heart really wants to go. To film, fandoms and beyond.

To those who have stuck around, I hope you continue to enjoy my ramblings. To those who are new, I hope you like your stay to keep returning and celebrating being OH GO GEEKY.


  1. I think you made a good choice. Back when I first started my blog I was just going to write about my ever changing life. Disinterested in it, I began to focus what I became more interested in; and that was the Geek world. I didn't want to change the name of my blog that much because it has some symbolize with me. I wanted to change what I want to focus my writing on who I was. That is always the hardest part. Once you find it everything will just flow a bit smoother.

  2. Oh man, I completely relate to this post! Love the look, especially the header. Also, we have the same middle name. You are pretty much the first person I've ever met that has the same middle name as me! Yay new blog and Rochelles!! :D

  3. Congrats on your new rebranding it. It's very cool! - Bri

  4. The revamp looks great, Katy! And I can relate, I went through a blogging slump recently and ended up starting a new blog altogether. A fresh look can definitely be inspiring! Looks great and I can't wait to see more:)

  5. Thank you! I'm excited that the change might make blogging easier. I've always struggled with my blog names, so it's nice that you were able to shift your focus without changing what it was called. :)

  6. Thank you! I've never met a fellow Rochelle either! That's so cool. Here's to us!

  7. Thank you! I can't wait to see where this goes too!

  8. Good luck with the new domain. I like it. I totally understand the need to change the look and domain. No wonder I couldn't find your site. I wonder if it's possible to redirect girlmeetscinema to this new site? I've been wondering the same about my site since I write on stuff other than science fiction now. But when I changed domains a few years ago it was a real pain. I went from to I still keep the domain and redirect it to It was such a difficult process I don't think I ever want to change domains again.

  9. Thank you! I felt it was time for a bit of a change, though I know I do that a lot with the blog header/layout, etc. When my interests in fandom increased a little more than my one for movies, a domain change felt right. I will look up on redirecting thank you!

  10. Congrats!! And good luck with the new domain! I really love the name, so it's cool! :)

  11. The new look and feel, well, looks and feels awesome. Looking forward to seeing where you take it all! :)


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