Rest in Peace Lola, 2003 - 2015

My little Lola passed away September 11th, 2015. She went peacefully in the comfort of her blankets surrounded by me, my sister, my mother, and her toys.

I had the gift of being by her side, showering her with kisses, petting, and words of love and gratitude. One of her favorite hobbies was people-watching; sitting on my lap as we traveled around the neighborhood in a golf cart. As the day ended and nighttime arrive, all of these animals, that rarely came out, popped out to see her: raccoons, rabbits, red herons, crocodiles, deers. It was like she was riding off into the sunset. Her unexpected passing followed a summer of ailments, which had seen both wonderful recoveries and small relapses. Finally, she decided it was time to depart.

We spent 12 years together, and yet our time as best friends seems to be a blur. What we had lives now in my memories. I'm so honored that she spent her time here on Earth with me. I hope, now, she is enjoying all the cookies and ice cream she can eat (things she always tried to sneak into her diet), and remembers to wait before swimming.

Rest in peace, sweet Lola. 2003 - 2015

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