A Brief Personal Announcement

On May 9th, I finally made it across the finish line of community college. I graduated! My aunt flew in from Pennsylvania to spend the week with us. By coincidence, instead of sitting in the pit of other students all by myself for the evening, I found a good friend of mine from a previous class and got to spend graduation together. Seeing my fan club (Aunt, Mom, Sister) in the stands cheering me and other graduates was a dream come true - one that was four years in the making and I was so happy to complete! A great relief has been lifted off my shoulders until I continue to a Bachelor's degree...

Until I continue to a Bachelor's degree is really the key motivation behind this personal announcement. A lot has gone down in only two weeks - events that happened which may disrupt regular posting here for the summer. Like the meme above, life does not wait to get difficult or throw some speed bumps in anyone's direction.

On Mother's Day, our landlords decided to leave a note on our doorstep saying they would not be renewing our lease. This came as a great shock since we had been verbally guaranteed to rent in this house for two more years. Finding a new place to live in less than two months has many obstacles - most of them financial. Since this is the third landlord who has given us the boot (for paying rent on time and never bothering them aka being perfect tenants), we are now house-hunting - for sale or for rent, hopefully something soon. If we are unable to qualify for a house (low-income), the time will come to move into a neighbor's house for only a few months.

Then, most importantly than anything, my baby dog Lola has been sick. She started showing symptoms last month of lost of appetite and fatigue, and was immediately taken to the vet. Her near perfect check-up was something that stumped quite a few veterinarians. Though she wasn't diagnosed with anything terminal, her liver enzymes were elevated and it's been something we have been working on normalizing ever since. She continues to be playful, alert, active, but still is not her regular self. She has been by my side for nearly twelve years, and continues to have my heart and full attention. A lot of my time next to house hunting/job searching/trying to write is making sure she is getting medicine and is comfortable.

This isn't an official announcement of hiatus but some struggles I felt like getting off of my chest. Similar to the euphoria I felt graduating and the inevitable bad news delivered afterwards, summer is pretty unpredictable. I wanted to pause for a moment here and just share a few peeks of some reasons why things may be slow 'round these parts. Just keep swimming! :)

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