The Walking Dead: S5x15 Try

I'm not a recaps, girl. I try but I fail abysmally. This quick post on the most recent episode of The Walking Dead is a collection of thoughts I had and tried to piece together. If you haven't watched this past week's episode "Try" yet, please return later to read behind the cut. There are spoilers! Enjoy!

+ The survivors choose how people disappear. I thought this was interesting. Alexandria's answer is for people to abandon others and save their own asses, and also to be exiled. It's like a disappearance act. Whatever isn't working for them, they just want them out of their sight to not deal with trouble. Rick's answer is to kill assholes off. It's been anything goes for a few seasons now, nothing more so than the past two. I feel like we are light-years away from season one when there was such importance on burning the dead, burying the living, and trying to give everyone a chance or even a few.

+ I don't know which Rick I love the most. S2 Ricktatorship. S3 Stuff/Thangs Rick. S4 Farming Rick. S5 Throat Chomping and Post Terminus Rick. Now, Keep Walking Rick. His rant towards Deanna felt like he was begging for them to believe him after everything they've experienced, even if it was a little psychotic. He wants to live within Alexandria, but for everyone to be so inexperienced scares the living hell out of him. That's the way I took it.

+ After the prison's fall, and all those people were killed, does he feel like if Alexandria falls it will be on his shoulders too? Deanna "wants" them because they are survivors and excuses their past transgressions, but Rick had to beg her to add a guard to the watchtower. There still doesn't seem to be guards checking the walls every day.

+I love the differences in locations from season to season. The prison never escaped the day to day threat of walkers and live or die struggles. But they tried to make a life for themselves. Woodsbury, Terminus, and Alexandria has supplies/people/borders, and yet they are so delusional about their survival. Calling themselves communities and sanctuaries, they were completely animalistic as well as a mirage of their own imaginary, impenetrable safety.

+ On that note, can we give Andrew Lincoln an Emmy already? His scene at the end was unlike any other version of unstable Rick that we've seen yet.

+ A bit of a problem I have with the direction of Pete and Rick's fight, is that yes, Grimes was ranting like a crazy m-fer. However, can't the physical brawl itself be "excused" by Jesse telling Deanna that Pete attacked them first, and Rick with her permission, tried to get him to leave their house calmly? Deanna already knows he's abusing her, it's not like it's a great surprise that this would happen eventually.

+ A lot of debate has come up between the similarities between Shane and Rick. Personally, I'm in the category of NO. The motivation between both of them shaving their head/face might be close. As unstable as Rick grows to be, I still think he grapples with humanity, leadership, and killing real threats as much as possible. Nobody listened to him about killing more of the perpetrators from Terminus after. Then, Gareth came back with a vengeance and Bob was killed. Nobody has listened to Rick about Alexandria but it's inevitable that the walkers are coming. Unlike Shane, who was uncontrollable, Rick's family or the group is still able to bring him back.

+ Also, Rick is not an abusive father because he doesn't have eyes in the back of his head while going through a bloodthirsty, raging brawl. In a coffee-adrenaline induced moment, I poured all of my thoughts about that on tumblr. *SIGH*

+ I think it's safe to say that Jesse might not be so interested in Rick after this little debacle.

+ The community of Walking Dead is really amazing when enthusiastic, passionate guests can come onto a post-show like Talking Dead. I'm looking at you Mindy Khaling, who had nothing to say except "I don't know". (sorry girl) Yvette Nicole Brown from Community was so awesome. I loved all of her different theories. And, congrats to Chandler Riggs on making his first talk show appearance.

+ Melissa McBride was announced to be a guest alongside Scott Gimple and Norman Reedus on Talking Dead this week. And, the fandom finally broke down.

+ Michael Cudlitz and Norman both have said recently the season finale will anger fans.

+ In my twitter conversation with Brittani, we were trying to hypothesize and soothe all the stress away, if Carol gets killed off and how it would happen. My only thought of reprieve was that like Rick trying to morph Jesse into Lori's place, perhaps as a way of redoing his past, Carol may end up dying trying to save Sam in some way. Similar, to how she wanted to save Sophia against Ed. Her overall arc would then be complete. Lord help us all. I'll be in my fangirl burrito next Sunday.

+Raise a bloody stump if you are going to watch the marathon this Saturday? *I am!* I don't know how many of these I've "survived" but I've loved them all.

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