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Belated Oscar Recap

February 27, 2015
I'm not much of a recap person. There are bloggers who do it with much more gusto and interest than me. So I have a few select thoughts about the Oscars this past week, and most of it was giffed or ranked in my favorite red carpet moments post.

Neil Patrick Harris did a decent job hosting. Though at the same time, I wanted it to stop dragging. (Is it too lame for Whiplash jokes now?) Like if I heard about the predictions box and he bothered Octavia Spencer one more time...I was going to throw a cymbal at my television. The opening sequence was nice but it made me worry he would reluctantly force actors to sing and dance like Seth McFarlane did. Other than that, Harris' jokes seemed to make everyone pause before laughing or try not to laugh, or were just plain weird and stupid. This was probably the only real funny one.

Every year the host seems to simultaneously go on and on about "the power of filmmaking" and then back-hand every presenter, winner or loser when they come out on stage. I was just over it - if you're going to try so hard to joke at least say the person's name correctly. He seemed to laugh at every thing he said, so at least he was having fun?

What was up with the camera being on Oprah in between every single category? It became exploitative at one point because they knew she was going to have a reaction to Selma and everything else. There were other people in the audience. No wonder entourages of winners get mad at cameraman when they are trying to watch their friend or spouse give their speech.

Speaking of which, did every acceptance speech some like a sponsorship towards humanity of some kind? Maybe I'm in my mid-semester overwhelmed by homework I'll never use again in my life phase, but it seemed like one speech after another was a celebrity tying themselves to a cause - just after they made one movie about said cause and suddenly became an expert. *shrugs*

There were a lot of great moments sprinkled throughout though:
  • Common and John Legend brought the house down after I Don't Know What The F---- That Everything is Not Awesome performance.
  • Meryl Streep almost set Kodak Theatre on fire during Patricia Arquette's well-meaning yet not very eloquent speech about equal rights for women.
  • Glom Gazingo's tentacles latched onto Adele Dazeem's face for an awkward few moments. Surely, he'll be back next year to make up for that.
  • J. K. Simmons telling everyone to call their parents and be appreciative towards them.

The anticipation of the event and the evening itself goes by so fast. Unless you're a biographer of the Academy Awards, as much as I love film, a part of me feels like the nominees and winners are really only remembered for the night of the Oscars until next year. Somewhere along the line I lost track of what Whiplash, Grand Budapest and Birdman snagged.

To me, I felt the absolute lock of the night was Julianne Moore for Best Actress. I thought either Michael Keaton or Eddie Redmayne could've taken it for Best Actor, and same goes for Birdman or Boyhood. Though Whiplash was still my top pick next to The Grand Budapest Hotel, I was just happy Batman & company won over Linklater. The fact that Birdman won was the biggest and most welcoming surprise of the night.

I know most people wanted Keaton to win over Redmayne, though my pick for Best Actor wasn't really nominated. It could've gone either way, and it can't be denied how cute Redmayne's reaction was.

Mostly, the ceremony was like it always is: a bit long but fun nonetheless. My big wish next year is that we bid a fond farewell to the gentleman's club and the Best Pictures center around characters other than men struggling with their inner demons....

As well, let's make this a half-hour segment. Chris Pine looking like this. I think it'd bring in ratings.

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