Favorite Fandom Moments of 2014

December 19, 2014
When the theatres have dried up with movies to see, and books can't be squeezed in to be read: fandom is an important aide in what keeps a college girl going. There's always something to stream, couples to ship, and awesome moments to treasure. This year graced me with several occasions that were really fan-tastic (sorry) and some things I'll remember for years to come. Here's a simple countdown of my favorite fandom moments from 2014. What makes the top of your list?

The Night Before Our Stars
Out of curiosity over the book's popularity and that Shailene Woodley was going to be in the film adaptation, I only read The Fault In Our Stars once in 2013. I really sorta liked it but I wasn't obsessed. My knowledge of the author's fanbase was: John Green, who? As the movie release approached in June 2014, my inner fangirl went bonkers watching interviews, taking part in live-tweeting events, and making fan-art. I also attended The Night Before Our Stars, a special screening the night before the movies' official theatre release date. It was all, in one word: awesome.

Even though I live in Florida, for a long time, I avoided Universal Studios Orlando because of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As a huge Potterhead having just finished the books in summer 2014, I was a bit scared of visiting the parks too many times and eventually feel like the series would get old. That, and a poor college student can't really afford even one-day passes to theme parks that often.

In July 2014, the grand opening of the Diagon Alley theme park was approaching and I didn't waste any time hustling my ass over to the new theme park before and on opening day (thanks to an annual pass I could afford; I'm looking at you Disney World). It was freaking magical. I've been back so many times, my family has to sometimes peel me off the walls from hanging on too tight and never wanting to leave.

Leaky Con, a convention for all book, tv, and fandom geeks, made a stop to Orlando over the summer. With my first official press pass, I was able to attend the convention. In doing so, I made tons of friends, exclusively visited the Harry Potter worlds to Universal Studios, and met John Green. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the latter because it was a quick meet and greet, but it's a memory that will last a lifetime.

The writing and story structure of Doctor Who ebbed and flowed wildly this year. Most specifically it was the relationship between Clara Oswald and Doctor that was at times poignant and then hair-pulling frustrating. In an episode, "Kill the Moon" it was - sadly - gratifying when Oswald made a worthy threat..It wasn't one that she acted on, but it was still a justified remark.
One of my favorite shows of the summer was The Quest; a reality show set in a fictional world called Everrealm. Each week a competitor was eliminated until the One True Hero saved a queen and her flailing kingdom from an impending war. Yes, this was a real entertaining show, and as great as it was, even sexism couldn't be stopped from entering a fictional fantasy world. As the competitors dwindled down to the top four (three men and one woman), it was the male challengers who kept vowing that a true hero should be a man. What a victory it was when Lina (the last female rival) won and proudly saved Everrealm. It was one of the most exciting, inspiring moments of the year.

So many amazing moments happened on Once Upon A Time this season; some glorious, some terrible, and some just heartbreaking. One that was heartbreaking yet entirely justified and awesome for the Rumpbelle ship (Rumplestiltskin + Belle) was when the beloved book fan finally came to terms and opened her eyes to the monster her beast really was.

Matthew McConaughey winning Oscar for Best Actor is probably one of my favorite moments in film history. Such a great victory for a star who, by the media, was often confined to being the shirtless guy in romantic comedies. During the press run of Dallas Buyers Club, he really got to show what a chillaxed and charming person he really is, and to show more of his range than the previous projects he's chosen in the past. He didn't rattle off names but laid out his life philosophy in an honest and wise speech, which of course the media tried to mull up by saying it was too complex to understand. But, whatever, he just keeps on living. All right, all right, all right.

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