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Award Show Season is Here

December 11, 2014
The 2015 award show season has begun! Nominations for both the Screen Actors Guild awards and Golden Globes were announced earlier this week. Inevitably, there were surprises (or a lack-of), snubs, and general merriment for all of our own individual favorites.

With past award show seasons, I'm usually pretty proud for having seen at least 85% of the performances or movies that are nominated. This year, though, I am really behind the eight-ball in staying caught up with the buzzworthy movies. It's mostly down to films that haven't been released nationally yet but have gained traction with screeners and festivals.

Instead of chatting about the snubs or surprises (which there are plenty of), there are certainly select performances or movies I still look forward to seeing and others - just not so much. What nominated movies of the award show season are you still excited or least interested in seeing?

Wild - starring Reese Witherspoon (watch trailer)
Having read and been a big fan of the book, I've been excited to this adaptation of author Cheryl Strayed hiking the Pacific Crest Trailer. Directed by Jean Marc Vallee of last years Oscar-nominated Dallas Buyers Club, this movie has been buzzworthy since early summer. Though I'm on the fence of Witherspoon's performance from different clips I've seen online, co-star Laura Dern looks wonderful as Strayed's hippish mom.

Unbroken - starring Jack O'Connell (watch trailer)
Director Angelina Jolie's latest motion picture has been experiencing a lot of hype these past few months, and I'm surprised that it hasn't been picked up by hardly any award show committees. Based on an extraordinary World War II true story, it seems like the perfect tale that would gain the necessary hype for the Oscars. Missing out on the SAGs and Golden Globes for Jolie and it's new leading star, I'm still excited to see this.

Whiplash - starring Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons (watch trailer)
For a movie that is amazingly small in production size, and only took nineteen days to film, a savage movie about a young jazz drummer attending a prestigious music school is catching waves like none other. Having taken drumming lessons growing up, this appeals to my lack of musical talent side - but also the rave reviews for Simmons as the demanding, fearsome maestro.

Birdman - starring Michael Keaton and Emma Stone (watch trailer)
Released in October, this movie skipped flying to the award shows and just seemed to sky rocket towards golden recognition. As a huge Keaton fan, it's been so difficult not being able to see this one in theaters as of yet, but I'm sure when the right moment comes along, it won't disappoint.

Selma - starring David Oyelowo (watch trailer)
As a history buff of many eras like World War II and the Civil Rights movement, a movie about Martin Luther King Jr. has been on my list of biopics I've always wanted to see. Oyelowo's filmography has been growing for a long time with roles in The Help, Jack Reacher, and Interstellar. I'm excited to see him in a major leading role, and not to mention that the movie is still relevant to our societal climate. And that trailer is pretty amazing too.

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