Favorite Artwork of 2014 Movies

Begin Again by Suchada Pakarato

Though I posted artwork for one of my big movies of 2014 (The Fault in Our Stars) earlier this summer, I thought it'd be a little unfair if I didn't draw attention to some wonderful artwork for other movies this year too. Hope you enjoy this small collection redesigned posters by some really talented graphic designers for flicks like Gone Girl, Interstellar, Nightcrawler, and more!

Divergent by Risa Rodil

Amazing Amy book series for Gone Girl

Gone Girl by Keith Brydie

 Gone Girl by Samya Goosh

Interstellar by kr0npr1nz

Interstellar by Edgar Ascensão

 Maleficent by Ahmad Tarek

Nightcrawler by Daniel Norris

 Snowpiercer by Prenzyy

Snowpiercer by sidd16

Wes Anderson Typography
The Grand Budapest Hotel by Alex Bohner 

Whiplash by Jayme K.

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