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Season Break: What are you watching now?

November 23, 2014
This autumn I was a bit surprised by just how many shows I needed to keep track of. Everything I looked forward to earlier this summer seemed to pile up on each other. Now that most shows are reaching their winter finale, every series eventually reaches the mid-season ultimatum: do you give it another shot for another week or do you drop it from your schedule?

What shows you been watching this autumn?
Have they made the final cut?

Doctor Who
Twelve suffered a rough entry of confusing characterization and storylines that weren't exactly up to par. The series managed to create as many fun moments as well as substance. This time last fall it was announced Peter Capaldi would replace Matt Smith as the Doctor, and his acting chops definitely lived up to the hype. As the first season to watch Jenna Coleman as a Companion, I was truly impressed by her too. Together they made a disjointed season work well and I'm looking forward to seeing them return into darkness again. Still Watching.

The Fall
One great thing my recent 50 Shades of Grey obsession led me to was Jamie Dornan and The Fall. For anyone convinced that he can't tackle E.L. James mentally disturbed Christian Grey need only a peek at his psycho-performance as a father/husband by day, serial killer of women by night. Also starring Gillian Anderson (The X-Files) as a bad-ass Detective Superintendent hunting him down. The first season can be streamed on Netflix, and it's advised: don't watch it before going to bed. Still Watching.

Batman returned to network television centering around Detective Gordon navigating a demoralized Gotham and help a young grieving Bruce Wayne. I honestly don't know what to make of this show. Robin Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot is amazing, though the other actors seem to vary in likability. Jada Pinkett Smith can sometimes be so extraordinarily over the top, it pains me to watch. The episodes are good enough but the stylization is all over the place. Is it an origin series, an adaptation of the comics, or a series crime/drama show? Axed.

I haven't seen the original series that this is based off of, but for what it's worth, Gracepoint has been one of my favorites this fall. Its cast has been good; every character is worthy of suspect over whether they are guilty or innocent over the mysterious murder of a young boy. The cinematography and direction is simply gorgeous. I'd give anything for Anna Gunn and David Tennant team up for a long-term investigative series; they have such great banter and chemistry. I'd love to see them work together passed this ten episode season, but it was good while it lasted. Loved but ending soon.

Hell on Wheels
This show ended on such a high note for its third season, and slowly its returning season bored the hell out of me. For a show about the Pacific-Union railway construction through the brutal wild west, I'd never seen so many storylines go around in circles. Thankfully, Anson Mount makes a great main character....but I don't know how much long his hunkiness will keep me tuning in. My patience is quickly wearing out. Axed.

Once Upon A Time
I'm the last person in the world to see Frozen, and I wasn't really anxious to expedite my viewing until Once Upon A Time. The storyline of Elsa crossing over from Arendale to Storybrooke to find her sister Ana wasn't particularly interesting, but the characters and actors always make it worthwhile. Plus, can The Charmings or Rumpbelle, and surprisingly, Captain Swan get any cuter? The scripts could use with a bit of work, but it's a saving grace at the end of a long week. Verdict is still out.

Parks and Recreation
I'm an embarrassment to my generation. Parks and Recreation only came into my streaming life this year. Needless to say, it's hilarious, heart-warming, and the exact comedy I needed as a late-night pick-me-up before school. Is it shameful to say that out of all the shows I watch, I avoid spoilers for this one like the plague? I hope to get caught up before the series finale in 2015.  Still Watching.

Shondra Rhimes' shows are a good weekly soap opera with a medical/political/murderous twist. Once an addictive over-the-top obsession in season one and two, Scandal is now just an embarrassing admittance. Season three pretty much lost me, and now Season four: it's just getting to be repetitive to say the least. Nothing really hooks me anymore. Axed.

The Strain
Trying to find a suitable side-show to The Walking Dead centered around slayings of the undead, I didn't think another series would come along. Even though it's directed by Guillermo Del Toro, The Strain didn't start out great. Characterization with the main characters struggled the most, but eventually the episodes found an entertaining rhythm. I'm excited to see it return for season two. Still Watching.

The Walking Dead
Season four ended with a clincher. Team Prison was barricaded into a boxcar by a host of Cannibals. I easily assumed that the fifth season would be spent watching Rick and Co. trying to avert becoming dinner. The season premiere blew that out of the water immediately, and slowly the series has swung back to the first season of surviving on the run. Easily, it's still my top show to watch. Still Watching.

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