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My Hometown Blogathon: Movies Filmed in Pittsburgh

Let's Go To The Movies is holding her first blogathon. Caz has invited bloggers to share about their hometowns and I was excited to participate because it gave me a chance to do a mini-tribute to my childhood town.

For for the past ten years living in Florida, I have often been homesick for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Admittedly it pains me a little (A LOT) that during my stay in Orlando, tons of movies have filmed in and around Pittsburgh. When I lived there, nothing seemed to happened. Then, once the economy seemed to kick the bucket Pittsburgh was a draw for television shows and movie productions. Oh well, and onwards. Mixing the characteristics of the blogathon, I chose to write about some movies that were filmed and one of my favorite actors who born in my hometown.

While there are tons of movie stars that were around Allegheny county, I limited my bragging rights to Michael Keaton. With his performance in the recently released Birdman catching tons of praise, I had to shine a spotlight on him. Keaton is known to be a huge fan of Pittsburgh teams like the Penguins and Pirates; he's often spotted at that games and around the city. Just how cool is it to say that "Batman" was born in Pittsburgh? Let me say, it's pretty darn cool.

Other famous figures born in Pittsburgh include: Gene Kelly, Joe Manganiello, Jeff Goldblum, Greg Nicotero, Zachary Quinto.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower - The popular young adult novel written by Stephen Chbosky was not only set in Pittsburgh, tthe author is a city native as well. Charlie is a young teen who writes in a diary about his social life, or lack thereof, and trying to survive high school. The movie was filmed there too. Some of the locations include: Fort Pitt Tunnel, the Hollywood Theater in Dormont, Kings Family Restaurant in Upper St. Clair, and Peters Township High School (where most of the movie takes place).

In 2011, when I saw the movie in theaters the experience really took me back to my childhood years before I moved. Supporting character Samantha (played by Emma Watson) is an inspiration of mine now that I'm in college. Perks is often a favorite movie of mine to watch for fun and it's a joy to see Pittsburgh used a backdrop of good teen movie.

This is where the blogathon starts getting a little painful. How could I have been living in Florida while so many of my favorite actors went to to film The Dark Knight Rises?. I remember when the location news leaked and couldn't believe I was going to miss out on maybe seeing Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Morgan Freeman and Marion Cotillard in person.

Some of the major scenes filmed include helicopter shots of the skyline, the street battle between Batman and Bane at City Hall and the football game where the field explosively disintegrates. It's pretty batty and awesome to see good ol' Pitt masking as Gotham. Relatives have told me that many people got their picture taken with Tom Hardy, whose bald and muscular appearance always surprised fans when he was out of the Bane costume because of his friendly disposition. A friend of my sister's spotted Anne Hathaway at Whole Foods and Catwoman was super nice to give an autograph to her (which was then gifted to my sister for Christmas).

Last and not least, we have The Fault in Our Stars. The extraordinarly popular YA novel by John Green is centered on Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, two teens who are afflicted with cancer and fall in love. The book is set in Indianapolis but Pittsburgh was used as a backdrop for several key places such as characters' homes and hang-outs. When production couldn't afford to film interior locations of Amsterdam for Hazel and Augustus' trip, sets were created and filmed in Pittsburgh too. The support group meetings that Hazel attends was filmed in St. Paul's Episcopal Church; a place that I used to visit growing up and was just fifteen minutes from my childhood home. How unlucky (but totally awesome bragging rights) does a fangirl get?

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