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Finally, it's Halloween

October 30, 2014
Well, it's been forever since I did a proper So Fetch Friday post. Today I have a good excuse to actually squeeze a quick one in: It's Halloween!

Though I don't live in a neighborhood that has trick or treating, I can't help but still dress up and try to make the most of the day. This year I dressed up as Clara Oswald from Doctor Who.  (pictured above) It was simple to put together and might be one of my favorite costumes of all time.

At the end of September I made Letterboxd list of must watch movies for Halloween/autumn. Unfortunately, I only saw one (Silence of the Lambs - terrifying!!) but since November is about to arrive I'm still going to watch as many as possible.

Throughout the month, Krispy Kreme released a series of limited edition doughnuts celebrating Ghostbusters and its 30th anniversary. One was decorated like the State Puff Marshmallow Man while the other had the movie logo on it. (pictured above) YUMMY!

How was your October?
Are you dressing up for Halloween?

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