10 Favorite Songs of Summer 2014

12:17 AM
photograph by Ryan McGinley

Music makes up our summer experiences as much as memorable blockbusters at the theaters. It may be pop, rock, or a bit of all genres, but a good tune we shared with friends or family are remembered for a lifetime. As summer is slowly winding down, and many of us may be returning to school in the not-so-distant fall, I thought it'd be a different change of pace for today to share what made us groove during our brief hot and humid break from 'real life'.

Since I mostly work and study from home, a good part of my day is jamming to my collection of songs gathered on Grooveshark. Here are some songs that made up a big part of 2014. What made you rock out this summer?

+ Fancy by Iggy Azalea
+ Give It A Go by Molotov Jukebox
Happy Birthday & International Smile by Katy Perry
+ What You Wanted by OneRepublic
+ Happy by Pharrell Williams
+ Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen
+ Stay with Me by Sam Smith
+ To Dust by Alice Russell
+ BoomClap by Charli XCX

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