Tonight You're Mine (2011)

Tonight You're Mine movie review
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During Scotland’s T in the Park music festival – akin to Woodstock - two musicians meet and dislike each other. They get randomly handcuffed by stranger-preacher trying to teach young adults the art of compromise, who then jets off into the festival. Adam (Luke Treadaway) and Morello (Natalia Tena) are stuck with each other for, at least, an evening.

Tonight You're Mine (also titled on various websites as You Instead) is your simple love story. Set against the energetic environment of a music festival, two haters become lovers against the backdrop of fireworks, cheering crowds, endless partying and alternative rock.

Adam is your average rocker who looks the part of a womanizer seemingly aware of his illustrious swagger. Morello is an ambitious rocker set out for an evening of fun and for her career to take off if her band is successful with their set. Some websites dote these main characters as rivaling musicians, but their feud is so brief before the real conflict sets in, their quarrel could hardly be called such. Between them is a degree of differences, though their first impressions mask an inevitable relationship.

Treadaway and Tena share an enigmatic charisma and naturalism, which makes their expected dalliance believable. For me, Tena as Morello was the one to watch - there aren't many lines shared them, so they both have to work a bit comedically at dragging each other in every direction and managing to fit in their individual schedules with a human being attached to them. Tena naturally steals the show with some memorable one-liners, and even an emotional breakdown, effortlessly being the girl who Treadaway is at frustrated by at first sight, but underneath is attracted to.

Other more minor characters including Adam's manager and band-mate, and Morello's boyfriend didn't place as naturally as the main characters' chemistry - serve as subplots to the main characters. These scenes though entertaining, mostly containing three men trying to hook up with ladies of the night, they break away more attention that could've been paid to the leading stars.

Immediately, anyone watching the film can tell that the film is shot impressively with a freestyle and laid back approach, if not also rushed.  It's still somehow surprising to learn that the script is mostly reactionary. Shot over 5 days, much of the dialogue and scenes are the actors interacting with their environment and its people. Directed by David Mackenzie, the movie captures the freedom musicians and concert goers strive to get a high from at festivals - to the point of feeling like a documentary rather than a lovey-dovey flick.

Similar to how we engage in popcorn blockbusters purely for the entertainment value and less for the rich life lessons or emotional catharsis, it's refreshing to watch a "dramedy" that's purely simple story. Even if the movie could've fared a bit more entertaining with comedy and/or conflict, its euphoric ambiance of music and love beats out the typical melodramatic schpeal plowed into most romance flicks.

Rating: ★★★
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