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LeakyCon hits Orlando and Girl Meets Cinema

July 29, 2014
San Diego Comic Con might be one of the biggest conventions in the world for comic book readers, superhero fans, and big Hollywood series like The Avengers and Superman. For Harry Potter fans, our favorite and number one convention is Leaky Con - a multi-day gathering of fans and fandom sharing their love of Harry Potter, young adult books, Doctor Who, and every other fandom on the planet. As an official press member, I will be covering the event over at my Harry Potter blog Potter Talk.

This is my first official time attending Leaky Con - to be honest, I couldn't be more excited! Who wouldn't be? Five days of sharing in the common love and adoration for fandoms between geeks. My first day will be attending the exclusive event at Universal Studios Orlando to explore the Harry Potter lands Hogsmeade and the all-new Diagon Alley. What better way to kick off an informative and entertaining week. From July 30th to August 3rd, this blog will be a little idle. After wards please expect a full update of pictures, videos, and what is sure to be an awesome experience at Leaky Con - here I come!

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