Ten Most Influential Directors of All Time

June 27, 2014
John at Hitchcock's World has started a blog relay of the ten most influential directors of all-time. The rules of a relay are pretty simple; one person is selected to remove someone from an original list of movies, characters, etc., and in this case directors, to replace with their own choice of someone they believe is more 'worthy' or fitting for the spot. Guidelines for this relay can be found at his blog, and I was lucky enough that the torch was passed on to me. Click below to see who ends up on the cutting room floor!

The Directors (So Far)
Kathryn Bigelow & John Carpenter

Francis Ford Coppola & D.W. Griffith

Howard Hawks & Alfred Hitchcock

Stanley Kubrick & Sergio Leone

David Lynch & Georges Méliès

Removing: Kathryn Bigelow

In 2010, Kathryn Bigelow won two Academy Award for her work as director on The Hurt Locker taking home the top prizes Best Picture and Best Director. No doubt this was a memorable achievement for film history because she was the first female director to win both categories in its 100 year medium. However, following her win, I feel like her career has become stagnant within the war-drama genre. Even if Zero Dark Thirty was nominated for Best Picture three years later, most counted it (myself included) as The Hurt Locker 2. There are specific themes and stories that is the driving force of every director's career, so I do not count her out for the focus of her work or collaborating with screenwriter Mark Boal on these films. However, as an influential director, I feel like longevity is an important aspect - and if you keep repeating the same subjects over and over again, the glory that made you original is going to fade away in time.

Adding: Steven Spielberg
E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws, Indiana Jones. And the list goes on and on. Helming more than nearly fifty titles to his name as director, most of them are still popular thirty years after their initial release. Though his work has varied in genre over the course of his career, his early films with science fiction and adventure put him on the map for the blockbuster genre that soon began forming. A consistent special Spielberg stamp is easily recognizable in his movies whether it is in optimistic storytelling (not my label but his own), character similarities, or themes of childhood wonder or what war does to mankind. He has also built an empire as a producer with almost a hundred titles to his name, and created DreamWorks, the top animated film creators often rivaling Disney's Pixar. While other earlier directors are labeled as too dated to the generations coming up, Spielberg is one that continues to be known in some form or another. Film students and passionate movie goers know who this guy is, and will probably continue to be influential as time goes by.

Passing the Relay to: Alex from And So It Begins

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