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May 15, 2014
This summer is turning out to be a blogathon marathon of madness. While visiting Brittani's blog I just couldn't help myself to join in on another - in which we list the letters of the alphabet with our favorite movie titles - they don't have to necessarily be our favorite movies, just well-liked titles. Her post was a fun opportunity to expand my film-set mind and explore the cleverness and well-executed marketing minds of film history.

Here are the rules:
1) Going through the alphabet, list your favorite movie title beginning with each letter.
2) You don't have to necessarily like the movie to use it's title.
3) Use the banner at the top of this post in yours.
4) Please have submissions in by Friday, May 23rd. (But I'll be honest, if you send them to me after that date, I'll still add them to my post.)
A - An Affair to Remember
B - Beach Blanket Bingo
C - Catch Me If You Can
D - Drop Dead Gorgeous
E - Eagle vs Shark
F - The Fault In Our Stars 
G - The Goonies
H - He Who Gets Slapped
I - Indiscreet
J - Jumanji
K - KungFu Hustle
L - Little Miss Sunshine
M - Miracle in the Rain
N - Now, Voyager
O - One Crazy Summer
P - Presenting Lily Mars
Q - Quantum of Solace
R - Rebel Without A Cause
S - Some Like It Hot
T - To Wong Fu, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar
U - Under The Yum Yum Tree
V - Viva Last Vegas
W - Wait Until Dark
X - X-Men: First Class
Y - You've Got Mail
Z - Zenon: The Zequel

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