The Walking Dead S4x11 "Claimed"

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Last week, the prison group experienced a semi-successful attempt at reuniting. Michonne caught up with Rick and Carl in an abandoned neighborhood. Tyrese with Judith, Mika, and Lucy managed to survive long enough in the forest for Carol (?!) to join up. Together, they salvaged onwards to a new territory claiming to be safe to survivors. Maggie, Sasha and Bob attempted to find Glenn in the school bus of walkers, which eventually revealed that Glenn was still stranded at the prison. He safely made it out of the prison with Tara. Ending up on the side of the road, they were picked up by three military brats. That's what you missed on The Walking Dead.

We last saw Glenn and Tara encountering the military brats Eugene, Abraham and Rosita. Driving in a tank and getting the hell of dodge, it took an unconscious Glenn almost three hours before waking up and demanding to be let loose.

Now comes - perhaps - some answers I had last week over whether these guys were from Terminus. It turns out - for right now - not so. Abraham shared his mission with Glenn and Tara that they were heading to Washington D.C. because Eugene (MulletBoy in the picture above) was a "scientist" and was in contact with folks in the capitol who had answers for the outbreak. GingerBeard wouldn't relinquish any other details, and neither would Eugene - boasting for me great skepticism to question their intentions. (After all, Abraham was killing walkers with a smile on his face)

Determined to leave the pack, Glenn and Tara began walking down the road after Abraham pulled over. I didn't have much faith in her as a sidekick, but she's proving some valuable worth: writing on her hand every street Abraham drove passed. I digress where she might've found a permanent marker in Glenn's backpack or the back of the tank....Abraham tried unconvincingly to get Glenn to stay on the mere basis that Maggie was probably dead and that Glenn was a good capable person to help them take down walkers. He's proving rapidly to be a quick talker planting sadistic seeds of persuasion and doubt, yet it really only strengthened Glenn's resolve.As Chris Hardwick mentioned on Talking Dead, Glenn pulled a McFly, slamming his fist across Abraham's face and the two broke out into a fight.

This show is constantly trying to imagine new ways to introduce walkers, and therefore I think scare the pants off me in real life to assume a walker can appear out of nowhere - because beyond ye in the meadows came a flurry of walkers. MulletBoy was left to his own defenses with a machine gun, blowing bullets through the tanker and the pavement. Personally, if I had been Glenn, I would've taken off into the forest while GingerBeard went to help his friend - however, Glenn being more helpful than I assisted taking down some of the walkers. After the dozen or so corpses were eliminated, and the tank declared useless, Glenn with Tara, Abraham, Christina, and Eugene began trailing back.

Rick just can't have one day off! Officer Friendly took one day to rest as his son and Michonne went through other houses for find food and supplies, and in the midst of a light reading in the master bedroom of their refuge, he woke up to aggressive male voices arguing. From Rick's past of wandering Crazy Town, and the book he was reading which is pretty violent, I thought perhaps the voices he was hearing was a part of his imagination. Yet, it was not to be.

Without a weapon, and trying to conceal his whereabouts as best as possible, Rick successfully hid underneath the bed...until the strangers' argument was brought into the bedroom. One of the men was left unconscious on the floor (after having seen Rick), while the other bum threw himself onto the bed for a nap (just seems like these guys sleep and fight). "Bitch, get out of the house!" was all I could think about! Tiptoeing around, Rick armed himself with a trophy before finding a trio member of this unknown clan in the restroom....and strangling him in order to escape. Leaving him behind as zombie bait, I was just so freaking happy that Rick managed to stay quiet long enough to get out.

Meanwhile, Carl and Michonne were out going through other houses. Their morning started out off sharing breakfast and making each other laugh until Carl shared a story where he almost included talking about Judith's formula. They both clammed up as they wandered the neighborhood, except for a exceptional scene of Michonne trying to make Carl laugh by consuming crazy cheese #thenewpudding. It was unfamiliar yet welcoming to see Michonne smile much more than ever as well as sharing breezy convos with Lil Grimes.

Having now chosen life and not hiding in grief, Michonne shared with Carl that she was once a mother. However, their smooth bonding was almost brought back down again to reality when Michonne wandered into a bedroom of the previous owners. Michonne unwrapped a painting which revealed a zombie-looking woman. I thought this was going to be an object-warning that some serious crazies up were about to unfold onto Michonne and Carl. Searching the house through two children's bedrooms, Michonne (and thankfully Michonne only) discovered five corpses - in what we could tell was a tragic homicide-suicide.

The moment brought on a frightening awareness for the difference of survivors that must surely taking place now. Here was a family that took the suicidal option before the apocalypse ravaged civilization. Anyone that has last long enough now must try to be doing so civilly like the prison group or the motorcycle gang that Rick was contending with. Realizing at this point, the world is made up essentially now of walkers, civilized survivors, and perhaps moreso ruthless vandals, murderers and psychos.

(Which leads us to Terminus) Luckily, in time as Carl and Michonne were returning, Rick escaped. They managed to run away before being detected. Leading down the same train tracks as Tyrese and Carol last week, they too found Terminus; a self-proclaimed welcoming sanctuary for survivors.

Questions for The Future
  • Who the hell runs Terminus? Do you think it's completely abandoned or is that execution-styled anonymous group moving through the forest (remember when The Governor and his cronies found that camping group murdered)? Is there any salvation or safety to be found here?
  • Are MulletBoy and GingerBeard trustworthy enough? They seem like a duo of conspiracy theorists of the craziest order to me.
  • Was the family Michonne discovered Abraham's family? The corpses were found in a children's bedroom that could only be found through another children's bedroom and bathroom - so how did the portrait of zombiefied woman end up wrapped outside the door?
  • Is Michonne's newfound acceptance of life permanent? Her relationship with Carl is typically a nice refresher for decent human interaction, and she declared to Rick that she was done "taking break"s - but is she?

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