The Walking Dead S4x10 Inmates

Monday, February 17, 2014
The Walking Dead Inmates review
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Carl and Rick were the first survivors that we saw take refuge in an old house. Once Rick passed out from the pain, Carl took it upon himself to play trickster with some of the walkers nearby scrounging around other houses and almost got himself killed in the process - twice. Michonne was also wandering the woods with two newer pets grieving over the loss of the prison, Hershel and her previous life. Unexpectedly, she found the house that the Grimes were staying in, and they reunited. That's what you missed on The Walking Dead.

Could be the shortest recap in Walking Dead history but - everyone is still alive. Thank heavens.

What we might have gauged from last week's preview of the newest episode "Inmates", I thought we would be torturously put through a slow grand reveal of the prison groups' fate episode by episode. Surprisingly, each segment was split up evenly in the latest installment finding out bit by bit who was where and how they were managing to survive.

Beth and Daryl were shown first defending themselves against a group of walkers. Maggie's little sister gave us some input in a narration of finding a journal and trying to remain hopeful because her father would want her to be. Honestly, it was nice to see a little bit more of Beth since she was a strong caretaker in the prison, essentially raising Little Ass Kicker by herself while Rick was wandering crazy town and then decided to play farmer. Daryl is still reeling from the loss of the prison, and Rick telling him that Carol was kicked out of the group. It'll be interesting to see where this leads his faith or lackof.

This sequence of events led us to seeing that Tyrese survived in tow with the psycho sisters and Judith. During their journeys of keeping the littlest sister Lizzie not running from every snapping sound in the woods, and sweet little Judith wailing her lungs out, Tyrese left them alone temporarily to help out a woman screaming nearby. As he was gone, Mika blacked out and put her hand over Judith's mouth to stop her crying from attracting walkers.

To me, this was quite possibly the most excruciating part of the episode to watch. Many assumed that because Judith's car seat was found bloody by Rick and Carl, that she would be dead. We thought what could be worse than a walker baby... Well, all the blood in the world squirting out of 100 walkers doesn't pale in comparison to Mika suffocating Judith. Have we found out who gutted the rats and put them near the fence? Possibly. Definitely possibly, probably.

Tyrese was led towards the train tracks and helped several strangers defend themselves from walkers. We heard a gunshot fire off in the distant, and then appearing out of nowhere, Carol showed up carrying Judith and the two little sisters following close behind. A recently bitten stranger begged them to follow the train tracks because there was a building up ahead that was safe to inhabit. They took his word and headed in that direction.

The biggest questions we have to ask ourselves since Tyrese does not know that Carol supposedly killed his girlfriend Diana, how long will Carol keep quiet? If she is guilty, will it build up or is she able to push it downwards?

Personally, my feelings are still mixed because a) Melissa McBride is a fantastic actress, who obviously makes us belief from her subtle looks and attitude that she did kill Diana, and b) Carol once was the wife an abusive husband. For years she was used to taking the fall and blame for every insignificant fault he could find (that wasn't hers to take responsibility for). Did enough time pass in the apocalypse for her to recover from that mindset? Mika (who was suffocating Judith), and even Sasha, who if you remember in her first scene wanted to ditch her friends' wife who was bit, makes me question if Carol is truly guilty.

Which led us to my most favorite part of the episode: Where the hell is Glenn? Maggie, Sasha, and Bob briefly took refuge on a river bank before hunting down the bus which was transporting prison community members. The last few images we saw were Maggie putting an ailing Glenn on the bus and it driving off into the sunset. We all assumed he was still on board. After a long walk down a country road, the trio discovered the vehicle parked in the middle of the street seemingly with no survivors - until walkers started sticking their arms out the window. With some emotional fortitude and feats of strength, they slowly unleashed the zombies to see if Glenn had turned into a walker, and then killing whoever wasn't our Korean friend. Thankfully, and astoundingly, he wasn't on board.

So where was Glenn? Low and behold - still back at the prison. He literally reverted back to being walker bait! Hanging off of a destroyed and collapsed walkway, he was inches from becoming a hearty brunch. Apparently he decided to go after Maggie and wasn't able to get back on the bus before it zoomed away. Returning inside the cell block, he gathered up supplies left in some of the abandoned cells and headed out in an extra suit of body armor.

Glenn wasn't the only survivor at the prison; Tara managed to make it out alive too - if you remember, she was the wannabe cop who arrived with the Governor and then went into shock as he torn down the prison. She was sitting behind a closed fence, and Glenn had a choice to leave or save her. He did the right thing by going back, but it was devastating when they were walking together out of the prison. She called Hershel "some old guy that Brian killed". Obviously, Glenn had no idea and the realization suck in that Maggie's father and essentially one of his biggest mentors is dead.

The moment reminded me of the conversation he and Hershel shared about Glenn's reservations to let new people into their group. Glenn was adamant about not accepting anyone into their community because he lost his faith in trustworthy strangers. Hershel attempted to explain it was best to offer help and give the benefit of the doubt. Essentially, Glenn informed Tara that he didn't want her help but he needed it to help her find his wife. (very squee worthy moment for us Glaggie fans).

Their few minutes of conversation was interrupted with you guess it - more walkers. In the midst of defending himself, Glenn unexpectedly collapsed on the ground. Suddenly an army jeep drove up behind Tara and Glenn. Three intimidating gun-toting army members stood in front of her. One of them - with ginger hair and a big cigar - smiled down at them. *dun dun Dunnn*

Questions for next week's episode:
  • Having no real verification on the villain or the conflict for the rest of the season - except the walkers - is it safe to assume that these military brats were the anonymous folks slaying people, writing signs on them, and killing groups of \ survivors taking refuge in the woods?
  • Will the group meet up together at this military base? If so, will Daryl confront Carol on what she confessed to? Will she end up like the murdered victims in the woods?
  • The location that Carol and Tyrese headed for was called Terminus and had a welcoming sign for all survivors - is this going to be a militarized version of Woodsbury?
  • Is Tara's sister still alive? The last memorable image we have of her is capping off the Governor with a gun. And, we didn't see her when Michonne was walking through the prison courtyard. Did she get swept up in walkers too or is she stranded out there like the rest of the prison group?

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