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The Great 2013 Recast-athon

January 29, 2014
In participation with one of the first blogathons of the year, Jack over at Lights Camera Reaction has sparked a fascinating idea of recasting last years' films. Per his instructions:  recast performances of 2013 that you either hated or liked, but think it could have been played better by another actor. I caught word of this series a while ago, and thought I had my recast decisions all tied up in a nice little bow - only to change my mind several times. Nevertheless, I bring you my three big picks! Hope you enjoy!

To be perfectly honest, Cate Blanchett is sometimes a difficult actress for me to enjoy. I believe she's given at least a dozen truly great performances, so that makes her a legend of this modern era. However, Blue Jasmine was truly the first film where I felt I wasn't watching Cate the Great but a character product out of Woody Allen's mind.

Compared as a modern day version of A Streetcar Named Desire, Rachel Weisz sprung into my mind as the titular character. I just really would've liked to see Weisz in a character driven film similar to The Deep Blue Sea. As luck would have it, Blanchett and Weisz have both portrayed Blanche DuBois in theatre. I guess in a way this is sly opportunity to have seen them both as a version of one of my favorite dramatic characters.

For those who may have hated The Great Gatsby, it may be surprising that the only thing I disliked about the 2013 remake was Carey Mulligan. Analytically, I believe I know what director Bahz Luhrman was trying to create with Jay Gatsby's squeeze Daisy; a a vapid one-note woman without personality - which made us the audience convinced that Jay was in love with a version of her that no longer existed. It worked on Leo's account. But, old sports, Daisy needed personality, or at least, more layers.

Poor Amanda Seyfried. I believe she is an actress who has shown great potential in films that just didn't support her strengths. The Great Gatsby - though not a critical success - could have been a better platform than say Lovelace?

Jennifer Lawrence was particularly good in the first Hunger Games film, but in the sequel I felt her off-screen personality squeeze in far too often. Katniss Everdeen's flame slowly started fading out.

Technically, this is a recast of 2011 - however if I could recast The Hunger Games: Catching Fire it would be with Shailene Woodley. While reading Stephanie Collins book, I kept imagining Katniss as someone else. It drove me bonkers because I couldn't match the actress for the longest time. Then Shailene Woodley's career started catching steam, and she felt familiar to me - like I knew what film I'd like to see her in and couldn't figure out which one. Until it hit me as the girl on fire. Woodley is going to star in Divergent (which I loathed), so she has her own phenomenon occurring soon. But I feel she and co-star Kate Winslet are going to serve far better performances than the material they've been given. A shame too because I think Woodley would've served some serious whoop-ass as the District 12 volunteer.

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