New Years' Traditions & Goals

January 04, 2014
So it's that time of the year again for people to make a new round of goals like weight loss, movies to watch, and activities to accomplish. Usually, I am not such a person. On New Years Eve after the clock strikes midnight, I have one superstition and tradition: take a shower. I feel like it washes away all of the crud from the year before and I'm entering the next twelve months with a fresh perspective (and smelling real good!).

Every year I have a general idea of what I'd like to accomplish by its end but inspiration usually arrives in clumps rather than something I seek all year 'round. My "exceptional" reasoning is that if I am really passionate about something, I'll get around to it. Sometimes it works, other times not so much. I hadn't exactly figured out the logistics of this thinking until last year - when I realized that life will feel a lot less like I'm lost in the woods of procrastination if I created a "You Are Here" map to follow.

This year I'm going a bit out there and actually making goals I intend to stick to. I may end up fulfilling what I have in mind Bridet Jones Style; make a firm declaration of what to do only to let my conviction fall spectacularly to pieces. Life is all about taking risks and recovering from mistakes, so here it goes:

Blindspot 2014
In participation with Ryan's Blindspot series where participating bloggers watch 12 films they hadn't previously seen but really should, I've selected fourteen (two extras added rounding up to the new year). I'll make a shiny sidebar graphic for this at some point!

Key Largo
Where The Wild Things Are
Schindler's List
Before Sunrise
The Darjeeling Limited
Sleepless in Seattle
The Matrix
Gosford Park
The Shawshank Redemption
The Sweet Smell of Success
Mullholland Drive
Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
The Holiday

For Oh So Geeky
I'll be covering more movie observations, and I'm also going to commit to writing about about movie stars and their careers. Similarly to my ode to Mario Lanza, I'll be spotlighting persons of cinema who had made an indelible mark on and off screen. This may include well known greats like Cary Grant, and also other often underrated stars like Sandy Dennis.

As well as other series on my blog like Reconsideration and Eternal Crush, I am promising myself to update these more often - as well as some other series ideas I have circling my brain. One new idea is a state of the blog monthly report linking posts that may have been missed as well as other favorite posts and films I came across for that month.

One series I hope to continue is Off Topic Saturday. My outmost intention is to get to know you more and share more of what's going on outside of my film obsessions. If no one minds, I'd like to keep this day open to whatever mood strikes me in my personal life such as school, hobbies, etc.

Some of my personal goals include: take more photographs, read the two bookshelves I have of autobiographies (mostly Classic Hollywood!), finish my Wreck it Journal, and keep a Memory Jar.

I'm not a big fan of meticulously planning out my year. As I've learned in the past, if I get too headstrong about completing tasks life can throw you curveballs that make it hard to let go of what might've been. My 2014 is an open book for whatever arrives good or bad. I feel more clear having at least rambled out some outlines for things I'd like to accomplish. What are your new years goals? Do you have a new years superstition - like mine taking a shower?

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