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This Is The End (2013)

December 27, 2013
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The end of the world from this blockbuster tale starts with actor Jay Baruchel visiting his friend Seth Rogen on a trip to Los Angeles. After an excessive period of smoking weed and watching 3D television, Rogen drags Baruchel to James Franco's house where a huge party is taking place.

Baruchel is the odd man out in Rogen's group of friends which includes Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson. As the night is partied away with drugs, booze, and several great cameos, California falls away to fire and brimstone while random innocent civilians are mysteriously beamed up into the sky. A giant sinkhole/earthquake sweeps up most of Franco's guests before the whole of the Earth is practically incinerated, except for his house. Baruchel who is not keen on any of Rogen's relationships ends up stuck with them as they are barricaded into Franco's fortress.

Each actor plays a heightened version of themselves or as we the audience often associate them as. Seth Rogen makes fun of his obnoxious laugh as well as playing the same thing in every movie. James Franco Inception-lizes us as an actor playing an actor portraying the celebrity portrayal of an actor. Jonah Hill is a earring-wearing Carebear determined to keep the peace between everyone. Since these guys have known each other for years, the film genuinely feels like a group of friends making their ultimate version of an apocalypse movie with self-deprecation, movie references, and general plotless chaos.

If you are familiar with any of the cast you know their crude personalities and humor. This movie takes those traits and goes balls to the walls. The film is mostly about what these five manboys do during the end of the world. Mainly, bicker with each other, fight over one Milky Way bar and a porno magazine, film the endings to their sequels, gip each other into going outside to find other resources, get high, higher, and high some more.

The craziest aspect of This Is The End is that it's all kinds of junked-up hilarity rolled into one. I don't even know which part of the film was my absolute favorite part because it seemed like one scene after another offered an absurd piece to a hella trippin' puzzle. Some of the scenes tie between Michael Cera getting killed via lamppost, Jonah Hill turning into a demon, and Craig Robinson's cries of terror and help. Baruchel's antagonistic relationship to the other members of Rogen's clan offers a steady plotline of humor, friendship, and sticking together literally through hell on earth.

Plenty of cameos fill the film too. Some of which I won't mention so as not to spoil the movie, and others that can be seen in the trailer - Michael Cera, Rhianna, Mindy Khaling, and by far the best (to me) Emma Watson. Surviving in a drainpipe, eating rats, and eventually crashing through Franco's home with an axe, I wished her scene had been longer and she had an opportunity to prove her wit. She was essentially the only female in the film which could even be considered a supporting character. Instead her stay at their mancave is (perhaps thankfully) very short-lived yet still a nice random touch.

According to Seth Rogen, who co-wrote, directed, and starred, 50% of the movie was ad-libbed. His co-directing partner in crime Evan Goldberg would also ask the actors to do pretty much anything on set - the only two castmates who wouldn't refuse his requests was James Franco and Rogen. (This has been rumored to be play a part in why Watson's scene was shorter than anticipated.)

To a certain extent this plays negatively. Much of the dialogue is filler but more of the profanity was like verbal garbage to my ears. The specific scenes in question are the urine and excessive genitalia jokes which were out of place and ridiculous, honestly. The ending itself is disappointing as it comes almost a half hour too late and several characters' fates are left unknown.

On one level This is The End is a dumbfounding movie about five entertainers bull****ting their way through an apocalypse doing whatever comes across the top of their head to survive - which honestly, how many of us would've coped better. It's something I can't even believe I sat through the whole thing since my sense of humor is entirely different. Nowhere does the movie actually come across as trying to be entertaining for everyone. It's amicably something you will hate or find decent enough to go along with. Every idea imaginable is thrown at the dartboard that is Rogen's brainchild. Insanity ensues. Most of it works. Most of it doesn't.

On another level, if I was a Hollywood heavyweight and living in Los Angelas anywhere near Franco's house and the apocalypse is anything like This Is The End...I don't know if I would take myself out pronto or immediately head over to Franco's house. It would be one hell of a way to go out.

Rating: ★★★

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