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Merry Christmas

December 28, 2013
In the way that Angela from The Office has an "offbeat" quirk for liking posters of babies dressed in adult clothing and props, I've never understood the same hobby people have with dressing up their pets as children....but Christmas rolls around and I can't help but place my little Lola in her holiday jammy jams and reindeer ears. Let me say for anyone feverently against dressing up their pets: this is only for a minute or two for some quick holiday pics of her, and then she's free for the rest of the day. But isn't she the cutest? And, to make-up for her embarrassment, I gave her a treat afterwards. All was good in the world on Christmas.

I'm no Cake Boss but still I'm impressed by my cookie icing ~*skills*~. The aspiring Doctor Who Companion in me just couldn't resist making Rose Tyler, David Tennant and the Blue Tardis...and praying the real Doctor would swing by on Christmas, pick me up and we could enjoy Doctor Who cookies together (Anyone know what to get me next year?!)

As a gift to all of my relatives - I whipped out the old' fifth grade crafting skills to paint some peg people. For my mother I made Dolly for Sue, and my sister a scared shirtless Jean Valjean (because she was a weird stalker obsession for Hugh Jackman and that character). For myself - yes, David Tennant. Gotta love those sideburns and the crooked face amiright?

Driving around our neighborhood looking at Christmas tree lights, it gets sadder every year when it seems less and less people decorate their house. How hard is it to spend an entire day or week stringing your house in lights, blow-up figures, and Nativities people?! Anywho, one awesome family saved the day with a lawn of Star Wars figures. Easily my favorite of the year, and I'm not even a big Star Wars fan!

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