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My Love for Doctor Who

November 23, 2013

It's hard for me to admit and consider that in 2011 my life didn't at one point revolve around the TARDIS - you know, the big blue box, wooden that says "Police"

I know by heart the day I was randomly switching the channels and landed on a Doctor Who special at the Royal Albert Hall in London. A packed house overrun by the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Daleks, and Whovians, watching and listening as an orchestra play the scores of the famous BBC series. Immediately, in a dash, it was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen and still is. I was swiftly hooked. Netflix became a part of my life as well so I could go back and explore the older series of the Doctors and consume as much of the show I as possibly could. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey, it's not hard to forget the day you fell in love with the Doctor.

Doctor Who isn't necessarily a fandom for me. And I couldn't let the 50th anniversary pass by without saying something no matter how incoherent it may be. Maybe Peter Capaldi - the 12th doctor said it best:

I've only been bonded to the show for two years in the five decades it's taken over the world, but it's hard for me to put into a specific quantity of words how much the little adventures from time and space mean to me.

It's puzzling, cryptic and mysterious.

It's friendship and romance; companions and acquaintances that knit people and hearts together.

It's most definitely Matt Smith's epic forehead, David Tennant's eyebrows, and William Hartnells' hats and scarves. It's Don't Blink, Exterminate, WHAT?!, Allons-y and Geronimo. It's the big blue box that feels like home, bow ties, but no, no ginger hair here.

It's history, past, future, and present in an unstoppable butterfly effect - the endless cat and mouse chase.  It's extermination and celebration, dying and giving birth to new alien species and new wars. It's species ending one battle and staging another.

It's the human spirit proving that we may feel alone but we're all connected. It's an affirmation that the universe may seem isolated, but never under estimate the power of uniting and banding together because it always will.

It's beautiful sweet memories I always have of time, and space, and love. For 50 years, it's been the unforgettable Doctor. For the next 50 years, I can't wait to venture to the end of universe and back and do it again and again.

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