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Day of the Doctor Geek-Out

Saturday, November 23rd 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. A small time show that was once regarded as passing tea time entertainment in the U.K. has grown into an iconic form of geekdom around the world. And, if you watched the special birthday episode which brought three doctors together in one timeline, then like me you didn't waste the opportunity to see it again in 3D Monday night! If participating in the livestream wasn't exciting enough, going to the movies was definitely a blast.

My biggest fear was that I would the only Whovian in line to see Day of the Doctor. But turns out there were plenty of others willing to spend $15 that we watched at home two days before. Loads of fans dressed up as their favorite doctors from Matt Smith and David Tennant to Tom Baker.

When I bought tickets for the 7:30 showing, it sold out after a day. The cinema was thus encouraged to add several more showings at 7:30pm and 10:00pm in both traditional 3D screens and Fork and Screen. Those sold out too!

This was my first experience attending a Fathom Event. It was a refreshing break from advertisements and trailers to just immerse into the Whovian culture with clips and trivia. These are pics of just two of many tidbits we were shown. We were treated to a behind the scenes featurette after the movie as well.

The movie itself was spectacular to see on the big screen, and was surprisingly entirely in 3D (not partially 2D and 3D as many films today). We all cheered for our favorite doctors and castmates. I think perhaps Billie Piper and a cameo of Peter Capaldi's eyebrows received the most applause. It was sad to see it pass by so swiftly but the evening was definitely cool!

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