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Breaking Emotions Blogathon: Smiles & Thrills

November 20, 2013
It's hard to believe we're at the halfway mark with Mettel Ray's Breaking Emotions blogathon. Dipping into Week 3, we're going to be discussing memorable movie scenes that made me smile and shake in my boots with anticipation. Unlike the previous two entries that totaled five scenes for one emotion, we'll be taking a look at three scenes each for both emotions (smile and anticipation). So, let's get started!


It was truly hard not to pick about a dozen happy endings or musical sequences for smile. Nothing gets me peppier than a good song and dance number, or knowing characters got what or who they wanted. Here are three scenes that truly light up my world (and face!).

If any of my family members read this, they can verify what a challenge it was for me to just pick one aspect of You've Got Mail (1998) that I loved. It maybe a remake of a remake of a pitch-perfect original, but I'm not ashamed to say this is one of my favorite movies of all time. Nora Ephron's dialogue is truly the sweetest words to my ears in any romantic comedy. The narration by both Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan reading the emails they've received is hard not to let my pearly whites shine.

While watching The Artist in early 2011, I wasn't sure there could be anymore perfection to director Michel Hazanavicius' film. The story emanated a throwback to Singin' In The Rain (1939) and A Star is Born (1954) about a silent film icon's star fading away as a new screen sensations' fame rises and the era of talkies begin. Jean Dujardin was gloriously handsome and I wished I could switch lives with Berenice Bejo. Then there was a song and dance number. The score, the song, the tap dance routine - it's bound to always make your day brighter.

Perhaps the most awkward family road trip next to National Lampoons' Vacation comes Little Miss Sunshine (2006). The Hoover family drive from New Mexico to California in two days so daughter Olive can participate in the Little Miss Sunshine contest. Only we don't see her talent dance until the end of the film, where her family joins in and shake off the ridiculousness of the trip. One of those moments in film you can't help but feel all the weight being lifted off your shoulders!


The next set of scenes is all about moments that sparked inner excitement. The feeling of anticipation in is expectedly tied to adventure films. Since that isn't one of my most favored genres, I went for ones that blur from action to dramatic thrillers.
I think it could be easily said that the entire film The Dark Knight (2008) is anticipatory. From the first time we see The Joker robbing the Gotham City bank to making a pencil disappear into a mob-man's cranium, it's a hard movie to shake. My favorite is the good cop, bad cop routine. Batman is unaffected by Joker's prodding about how they are both alike until he mentions the kidnapping of former squeeze Rachel Dawes and District Attorney Harvey Dent. Cue the beatdown the unleashes more punches than the Joker prodded for.

It's a pretty forgettable among most Quentin Tarantino fans, and even the master director himself - but I think there's something utterly memorable about Death Proof (2007). During a normal afternoon out playing a teasing game of death called Ships Mast (where a person hangs onto the hood of a car), psychopathic "Stuntman" Mike (Kurt Russell) chases down a group of girls along the countryside. At dangerously high speeds, this stunt by Zoe Bell is so memorably cringe-worthy. I'ts 20+ minutes of never knowing exactly when she is going to fly off the hood of the car, or if the cars will end up in a reckless brutal crash.

Another Christopher Nolan film just couldn't be avoided - Inception (2010). The blockbuster film about a team of skilled extractors that are hired to plant a new idea into the subconscious mind of a young wealthy entrepreneur. I'm always surprised when I hear that movie lovers find it hard to sit through the first half of the film. No doubt it's filled with heavy plot building through dialogue. Once you make it through, you're rewarded with a finale where you can sit back, relax, and anxiously await for the kicks.

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