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Breaking Emotions Blogathon: Fear

Zoning in what makes us all go to the movies - besides really attractive leading stars and that thing called a plot - we are diving into our feelings. I'm so excited to participate in film blogger Mettel Ray's wonderful blogathon this November.

Every week participants select from a theme of two emotions and choose the most memorable movie scenes that sparked that feeling(s). For Mettels' first selection of awkward and/or fear, I chose the latter. In this post, things don't necessarily go bump in the night but definitely made me shirk, cringe, or scream. Are you scared?

Director Ridley Scott's Alien (1979) gave birth not only to a new generation of alien creatures that forever lurk in the corners of every sci-fi movie that rockets to space, but also plenty of scenes that are sure to make everyone scream.  Upon the spaceship Nostromo, one moment in which I feel the most fear is when robot assistant Ash tries to choke our female protagonist Ripley to death with a newspaper. His tremendous and unstoppable strength almost makes me believe he will take over the ship every time.

With an innocent teenager getting eaten alive by an unknown underwater assailant, the opening alone to Jaws  (1975) changed the way audiences approached beach vacations. Later we come to know that a great white shark is terrorizing a small Martha's Vineyard town. Aboard the small boat Orca, Sherrif Brody is tossing bloody animal caracuses into the ocean trying to attract him. We get a peak of "jaws" and is as fearful as Brody is.  It might be a bit late for that big boat they're going to need!

Poseidon (2009) starring Kurt Russell and Josh Lucas is certainly not the best remake of a classic disaster film but it's certainly not the worst. The campy B-movie goes for a re-invention of cheesy dialogue and special effects and definitely succeeds. It also delivers fairly on some intense scenes that I can't help but feel are certainly scary. You can have your pick: almost drowning to fill up a pressure valve in hopes that it will open an escape hatch, kicking off one of their own  down an elevator shaft because the entire system is about to collapse, or my biggest fear: Climbing through the tiniest vent and getting stuck.

In Rear Window (1954), professional photographer L.B. "Jeff" Jefferies (James Stewart) is confined to his Greenwich Village apartment with a broken leg, and what starts as idle people watching becomes a growing mystery. Lars Thorwald's wife (Raymond Burr) suddenly goes missing, and Jefferies' fashionista girlfriend (Grace Kelly) ventures into his apartment late one evening to find indisputable evidence that he is a murderer. They get caught twice . Once by Thorwald who comes home unexpectedly as Jefferies' and his home nurse (Thelma Ritter) wait with bated breath. And the next, thankfully for the police to arrive - but it's a bit too late. We've been spotted.

Due its recent release and for those who may have not seen Gravity - this description contains spoilers.

I don't know if there will ever be another cinema experience that made me as excited and sick as Gravity (2013)From beginning to end I'm unsure I ever entirely caught my breath, and there are plenty of scenes that made me feel like vomiting in the aisles. The ending, however, where Ryan crash lands in the middle of an ocean to Earth in , and her escape pod fills with water, was the scariest of all. Even though we spend what feels like an eternity in space alongside Ryan, it's the anticipation everything might be for not that made me quiver with fear.

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