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Halloween Costume Bucket List

A million different costume possibilities flutter in my mind every year when Halloween rolls around. Okay perhaps not a million but enough to make it challenging for me to actually plan ahead and create a elaborate head-to-toe look. This year I was Minnie Mouse but it wasn't anything fancy or special. It was basically a "whatever I can get out of my closet, I'm poor college student" costume. At an early Halloween party my simple get-up was red/white polka dot pants, grey blouse, Minnie ears and four fingered mousey gloves, so I don't think it was too oblivious.

In fact, from Velma from Scooby Doo to Rosie the Riveter and Olive Oyl in past years of dressing up, that's always been my definition of costume preparation; whatever I can find that looks like something or someone.

Minnie wasn't an official choice this year. Ally Sheedy from The Breakfast Club was a close second but since my entire wardrobe differed from hers alternating to be more 90 degree Florida wearable, I'm not sure anyone would have been able to identify me.

As the spooktackular season eventually comes and goes, I can't help but think of all the costumes I could have worn...and all the costumes I hope to someday actually piece together Halloween by Halloween. No time like October to ruminate about my costume bucket list. This post doesn't nearly cover all the ones I'd love to do. What costumes would you love to dress up as? Do you plan throughout the year or just throw something together?

Rockford Peach from A League of Their Own. Since I was a little girl and first saw this movie directed by Penny Marshall about a league of women who takeover baseball during World War II, I have always wanted to be a Rockford Peach. This was my ideal costume but again that poor college student thing came into play.

Mia from Pulp Fiction. I finally saw this Quentin Tarantino classic earlier this year and was absolutely blown away from Uma Thurman. Again her costume is pretty easy, but I'm thinking when I doll out in this outfit I want a guy with me to pair up as John Travolta. Adrenaline needle in the heart would be optional.

Ellie Fredicksen from Up! I actually own a replica Grape soda but it's hard for me to decide which Ellie I'd like to be. Her childhood outfit in overalls is a popular choice usually, so I may switch it up one day with her Safari gear.
Retro / Classic Hollywood witch. One of the ways I always get into the holiday spirit is swooning over Classic Hollywood promo shots for Halloween and Christmas. I'm a lover of anything vintage, so I can honestly say that I would probably not only love to do an Old Hollywood inspired witch but a full photoshoot as well.
One of the most amazing skits in history would absolutely have to be one of the most amazing costumes in history too; Carol Burnett as Scarlett O'Hara from her variety show The Carol Burnett Show. A classic pardoy on that famous scene in Gone with the Wind where Vivien Leigh as Scarlett creates a dress out of curtains. Obviously, Carol made her a little differently. :)

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