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Top 5 Biggest Fears

October 19, 2013
We celebrate ghouls, skeletons, witches and warlocks duringfall. Halloween sparks the gears of our terrors. We take thrills in what usually scare us. All the supernatural and paranormal myths emerge from the attic and basement to creep us out for Friday night flicks. For the rest of the year, we back away from the morbid and grotesque. But what scares us for the other months of the year. What every day objects become the morbid and grotesque and makes us cringe or shrill from fright?  Saturday Sharing gets a bit more personal with our biggest fears!

Ventriloquist dolls. My mother used to have - thankfully - only a full cabinet of porcelain dolls. Though all their small eyes stared at me while I watched television or tried to finish my homework, dolls in general have never had a major affect on me. But if you add a possessive personality, moving mouth and eyes - maybe even a Goosebumps or The Twilight Zone episode to a doll, and I can't stand them.

Claustrophobic. I just can't handle small spaces. An elevator that moves up more than a few floors, and I'm terrified of getting stuck. Crowds at concerts or small rooms can only be handled if I'm close to the exit. Queuing at Disney World attractions can be torturous if the line shuffles 100 sweaty guests in a stuffy room. (Pictured above, Ryan Reynolds starred in Buried, in which he is literally buried alive after trying to survive with only a lighter and cellphone with a weak battery.) Strange enough, 127 Hours is somehow one of my favorite films of all time.

Frogs. Finding creepy crawlies throughout your house can be a family pastime almost everywhere, but especially in Florida. I've come across stick bugs and palmetto bugs. I was once bit by a poisonous spider and experienced the most excruciating pain in my entire life that not even the agony of broken arm or severe allergic reactions could surpass. But nothing freaks me out like frogs; frogs that have leaped into the car and resided there over night, been found hiding in the toilet, and just hopping along in the kitchen.

My fear of chainsaws has nothing to do with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre story or films because I haven't seen them. Going to haunted houses growing up is just apart of everyone's Halloween. Walking through them as part of a family vacation where you've just recovered from the flu and still had evidence of fever, not so much. All I really remember is walking along not being bothered by anyone and someone with a fake chainsaw revving up behind me. Needless to say I took off like Wild Coyote. A normal reaction to them has never returned.

You can put me on any roller coaster. Heck, I'll race you to the line. I've ridden on some of the tallest ones in the country like Rip Ride Rock It at Universal Studios...but rising to a high floor at the top of a skyscraper or walking a parking garage at super heights is a bit of a challenge. Heights mixed with the edges of peril are not my bag.

What are some of your biggest fears?
Have they been sparked from a movie?

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