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The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

September 06, 2013

In a futuristic retelling of Cinderella, we are taken to the future of New Bejing where Cinder, a cyborg, is in the midst of a cure for a deadly plague, an impending war with a species of residents on the moon called Lunars looms, and her own place in the world.

Much more than a cyborg or a retelling of a tale as old as time, Cinder is a female heroine I've been trying to fill a very big void with. With the great disappointment to me that was The Hunger Games series and peaking curiosities like Divergent and even still Twilight, I was satiated to come across a female character who has brains, is the savior / chosen one, and has a normal range of emotions other than raging hormones - though she does get herself in a bit of romance with the truly charming Prince Kai. Surprised by the under-whelming praise for the mentioned series', I'm a bit amazed about the limited fan fare Cinder has warranted.

Author Marissa Meyer not only creates a fun and admirable young female lead but a compatible surrounding world as well. The story follows along the path of Cinderella; a young girl abused by her step-mother and step-siblings who falls in love with a prince who has the wrong idea of her real identity. Only Meyer layers the tale where a plague threatens humans - not necessarily Cinder but those she loves dearly and uses her main character as a hunt for a cure.

Humans, cyborgs, and a new inventive species of Moon dwellers called Lunars who can alter the thoughts and feelings of humans make up this unique read. Meyers created a world that is imaginative and accessible. She doesn't randomly label Places with Capital Letters just to make them seem Important like the recent Trend that has Hit many young adult fiction Books these Days. Instead you get a bit lost in a tale you're something quite familiar with but also new and fresh. There were several chapters where I intuitively knew where the plot was heading, however the prose kept me intrigued to move further and deeper along.

In my mind right now if there is a series I'd love to see made for television or film, it'd really be Cinder. It's not quite cliche with young adult fiction where two young individuals meet at the right place at the right time and unlock secret worlds that threaten every life form on Earth. It goes a little bit back to a time of storytelling where a new world of characters are each other's unlocking. I definitely look forward to getting my hands on the next installment!

Rating: ★★

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