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Emmy Nominations, Just What I Expected

August 17, 2013
The Emmy nominations are out for the 2013 year...and 90% of what was nominated I don't watch. What I do is o-u-t, got nadda, nothing, zip. Congrats can be given to The Walking Dead for what I consider the most snubbed show for actors and production. Andrew Lincoln out another year for evolving Rick Grimes but Jon Hamm is awarded again for the same smoking adulterous drunkard on Mad Men? I ain't HAPPY.

However, good news and genuine bows go to Kerry Washington for Scandal. I've caught only one episode so far, and she is phenomenal at being straight-forward, cutthroat yet a normal emotional human being. Also, Vera Farmiga for Bates Motel. If you're not watching that show, you need to. She is wondrous at playing crazy, unhinged, manipulative Mama Bates.

Life doesn't begin until I go to Comic Con. I hope it happens one year in the very near future. Because speaking of which that's where all the stars in the Hollywood skies come out to play and trailers galore are thus released:

Catching Fire. The second book of The Hunger Games series was my top favorite. While the first film was a bland adaptation, I'm trying to have high hopes for this sequel. The oversaturation of CGI and my general underwhelming feelings towards Jennifer Lawrence doesn't help. But this movie can be summed up with Finnick Odair and Jenna Malone. So I will be at the midnight premiere and not fully support my decision to do so.

I'm not sure what they hype is with Robert Downey Jr and how he acts like Tony Stark in public, but this is more epic than any obnoxious swagger RDJ can dish out. Tom Hiddleston dressed up as Loki to introduce new Thor film footage. OKAY.

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