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Unstoppable (2010) veers action off the rails

Somehow you'd think a movie about a train would be uninteresting (don't tell Sheldon Cooper I said that!). Blockbusters have become a bit of worn-out genre from the old 'men with guns blazing around the world stopping big bad guys' ploy. From the beginning of the movie, this story about an unstoppable train is unexpectedly gripping.

Chris Pine is the young rookie just out of training beginning his new job on the rails. Denzel Washington is the old dog veteran who has seen it all before; especially cocky new conductors. Their working relationship doesn't get off on the right foot; they're both highly arrogant and think each knows more than the other.While they're out doing their jobs, a train is let off the tracks by two bumbling co-workers. It has no conductor, is stuck on full throttle, carrying dangerous and deadly chemicals, and heading for small towns.

The strongest part about Unstoppable is the suspense over how the train is going to be stopped, and if one or both of our main characters are going to sacrifice themselves do it. When Pine & Washington heading straight-forward to this missile-like train, after other unreasonably (somewhat funny) ridiculous plans fail, their friendship forms stronger.

Overall, the movie is a bit thrilling. The film ultimately has no antagonist, except perhaps the two losers who let the train go free in the first place. Its dialogue is a little cheesy and the cinematography is a bit dizzying - not dazzling. It's jam packed with shaky cam and the camera winding around explosive action scenes in varying angles. Pine & Washington make a good pair with easy chemistry and both good guys you can root for.

Rating: ★★☆
Have you seen Unstoppable? What did you think?

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