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5 Ways Ellen Can Make The Worst Day Better

5 Ways Ellen Degeneres Can Make The Worst Day Better
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My for Ellen Degeneres began when I was a young girl. Huddling up in the living room with my mother, we would never miss an episode of Ellen. Then that fateful day struck when Degeneres came out as a homosexual both in real life and on her show. Immediately the world responded with malice. Ellen was canceled. Back then at such a young age, and even now, it's hard to believe that Ellen being true to herself generated such hateful backlash. Degeneres disappeared from entertainment and my early years of being a fan girl were left with its first big void.

Slowly the world and I watched her come back with roles like a television executive in EdTv. The forgetful fish in Finding Nemo captivated everyone's hearts. And then she became a much-needed friend in our homes every day with her highly beloved talk show, The Ellen Degeneres Show.

In my life, Ellen has become a bit of a bad news barometer. Before a big crisis is about to hit the fan, my spidey-sense sparks. Often I can feel some days are going to be one of those days. When I feel I've experienced the worst, I've come to find that no dark moments last forever. Shift your attention to good things and people, and those experiences of hardship can readily be your biggest source of inspiration to keep on swimming.

Dancing with her audience before every show sparks a wave of physical movement to just shake it all off; the negativity, the challenges, even the news that only focuses on the horrifying events of the day.

Watching her help others gives an instant boost of evidence that there are still people out there that are paying attention and care. Immediately you're inspired to spread a little kindness to others who their own obstacles, and perhaps some of your own is not as big as it seemed.

Portia and Ellen's relationship is purely and genuinely testament of how should not be discriminated. Ellen devoutly shows on her show that no matter what size, color, orientation, or beliefs, no one should be counted out for who they love.

This post doesn't even cover the amazing moments that will surely put a smile on your face: pen is broken, Andy can't say that, sloth meltdowns, adorable kid dancers, calls from Gladys, montage of scares, inspiring young adults, favorite web videos, 12 Days of Giveaways, bad paid for photos, comedy specials like The Beginning and Here and Now

Ellen reminds us if we go to Africa, and follow some bushman around, he's being chased by a lion. That's stress. Live in the moment, be yourself, and don't focus on the bad of what's happening right now. Everyone and everything are interconnected. Life has a way of working itself, things will change, and you will make it no matter what.
When in crisis, watch Ellen.
You won't regret it!

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