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In Memory of Annette Funicello

Rest in Peace Annette Funicello
actress Annette Funicello
I'm not what you may call a kid of my generation. In the late 90s and early 2000s, I was pretty far outside the circle of what was considered awesome entertainment. While most girls and boys were rocking to Britney Spears or watching Real World (maybe perhaps a little lesser mature Disney Channel), I was growing up on Classic Hollywood and the Rat Pack.

My mom practically raised my sister and I on the oldies. She had (and has) an undying and all-encompassing passion for the golden decades of film, television, and music that naturally passed its way down to me. Sitting at her desk when nighttime hit, she would be listened to an old 45 record player. One of my favorites to sing along to was Tall Paul sung by Annette Funicello. Ten years later and though not still in our nightly routine of crooning to that only song, I still find myself humming it randomly on days when I'm walking to class or out driving.

A love for Annette carried over into the movies I watched. Before I went to school every morning I watched The Dick Van Dyke Show and when I came home it was Cheers or Turner Classic Movie Channel. And, in particular one of my favorite genres in my pre-teen years was the beach movies. I loved the campy musicals like Beach Blanket Bingo.

Before YouTube came along, I had been searching for this song from Beach Blanket Bingo for more than ten years. A sequence that had been deleted from the dvd and television airings, I had seen it only once on an old VHS and remembered it always because of her.

In particular, I watched them for Frankie and Annette but in particular Annette. I just thought she was the most happening gal around with her big black hair that curled on the end (as mine sometimes does when it's long or short), her simple singing style, and her girl next door demure. When summer rolls around the calendar, its kickoff is never the same unless I get a little bit of sun, surf, and Annette.

Hearing her passing away at age 70, I'm saddened to hear that we've lost our very first American Sweetheart. I'm comforted to know that after a 25 year old struggle with MS, the keenest star of the Mickey Mouse fan club is in the Triple R Ranch in the sky.

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