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What Has Anne Hathaway Done Wrong?

February 27, 2013
Anne Hathaway actress profile
Award show season was fabulous for Anne Hathaway. While the Oscar winner glowed throughout with a bright shining smile as she collected trophy after trophy, these broadcast ceremonies were excruciatingly painful for the rest of society.

If you don't know already the world hates Anne Hathaway. Every other website either defends her, completely blasts or nitpicks every aspect of her being. This post will be just one of many who does a little bit of the former. Accompanying slideshows and countdowns of why she's annoying are mile long discussions with hatred-filled ramblings of her atrocities. For any concrete evidence of what she's done wrong, no one really knows or where this bevy of hatred originated.

She was too prepared? How would anyone who is a lock for every award handle the expected anticipation that their name is going to be called? Hathaway stayed calm and collected and obviously prepared herself as every nominee does in the chance they might win. Other winners pull out a sheet of paper to read names off of but because she does it as she remembered, this is a  reason to rate how she breathed as she walked up to the podium?

Post Hathaway's Oscar win ideas have fueled of how she could have made herself more likable - as if there is no room for doubt that anyone likes her. Should she had been more out of breath as she actually accepted awards? Should she had wept when she accepted every trophy (watch 5:24)? Hathaway's' biggest mistake of the evening was whispering "It Came True" before making her list of representatives and friends. Three more excruciating words have never before been uttered.

She's humorous and has a personality? Hathaway paved the way for flipping the bird (before Jennifer Lawrence made her big Oscar mishap) by getting in a crossfire of middle fingers with Bond, and also the paparazzi on her wedding day. She vents her privacy invasion through rapping. Though shy yet typically outgoing, Hathaway's personality has stayed consistent. If only she was more self-effacing would she be the role model of the year....Somehow Hathaway just being her doesn't make her likability points increase.

 She's imperfectly perfect? Hathahaters claim she tries too hard to be perfect or at least tries to be. But there is plenty of evidence that points to the contrary. James Franco and Hathaway hosting the Oscars was a bust. Earlier this year her underbits were captured before a major premiere. Her previous fiance was trying to swindle her. Hathaway might be a famous, financially well-off celebrity who is on track to how she wants her career to go but her life isn't or hasn't been pitch perfect.

Is it the Les Miserables Hype? Since early 2012 Les Miserables was rumored for Oscar gold. What turned out to be a mess of a movie, only two stars came out on top: Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. Their process for not only snagging the roles but doing their job - performing to the best of their ability - was tough. The media clamored over knowing how she achieved an emotionally powerful performance as Fantine and "I Dreamed A Dream". A process for an actor is to talk about their process, which was exactly what she did.

Perhaps the mass amount of press about her process is what did her in. But isn't that a studio / PR mistake - not necessarily hers? Hugh Jackman amped his promos for Oscar time just as much as Anne Hathaway. In almost every interview he talked about losing weight, not drinking water for 19 hours before filming, and so on. Where is the hate for this actor who is equally full of genuine positivity, personality, and professionalism? Not a word or pixel of loathing on the internet do I see.

She's self-conscious? In the acting world, it's known as getting out of your own way - not getting caught up in your head about what your performance should be and preventing the moment to be played naturally. This was the problem for me with Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. As a big fan of The Dark Knight Series, I was one of the few who wasn't on board for her performance. I thought she was too vanilla a for Bruce Wayne to finally leave his vigilante nights behind. (But I never grew to loathe the series or her because of her performance). But it seemed many audiences were on board with her until award show season time.

Anne can be a little self-conscious. There's a big difference though between this and arrogance. In interviews she has revealed that she can be self-conscious about her performances, saying that she thinks every take she does is horrible. I don't think this is a purposeful admission to make people hate her but one of honesty. You can see it in her interviews with how she blushes or seems to hold back from fully expressing herself, trying to hide her laugh. These aren't typical signs of someone talking down to others. Naturally, when she actually tries to express herself seriously, she's "behaving superior".

The hatred towards Hathaway doesn't seem to be for anything that she has actually done. From website to website it's just about how people perceive her. These opinions have caught on like wildfire drumming up this unlikable persona that the media continues to fuel. Nothing like continuing the age-old message women can't be respectful peers and only bitchy competitors by comparing her to fellow Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and only in a negative light time and time again.

Maybe Anne Hathaway is a bit like Rachel Berry from Glee; a bit too eager to please, a little too smiley smiley, and talented. I can't hate her because her speeches were a little rehearsed. I'm not supporting the idea that because you are gif-worthy or broadcast every thought you have despite how inappropriate they are making an actress the superstar of the 21st century. I'm going to keep going on my merry little way liking Anne Hathaway because what has she done wrong.

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