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Best Picture Showcase Swag

One of the great benefits of going to AMC Best Picture Showcase is the fun chances you have to score some swag. Taking a five to ten minute break between each film is a lifesaver; it's special time to go to the concession stands, restrooms, and even play some fun trivia. This year I managed to answer some questions right (went into the event completely blind, not prepping trivia info at all!)

A True Git ballcap

For Your Consideration(?) newspaper for The Master. I haven't found much information for this prize online, so I'm assuming it's pretty rare. A newspaper titled 'The Cause Footpath' is filled with photos and reviews for The Master, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams.

This is the program that every guest is handed to when they attend the Best Picture Showcase marathon. It has a poster image of all the nominees with their individual synopsis. (I think I have an extra one if anyone is interested!

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