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Making the Case: Ezra Miller for Best Supporting Actor

Cinematic Paradox's latest blogathon, Making the Case, has commenced. Choose a film, performance, or aspect of a film that you’d love to see garner awards recognition this year, but know in your heart of hearts that it most likely will not. For my submission I scoured films and performances I had read or been listed for consideration among critics but haven't yet made the grade. One performance that kept coming to mind was Ezra Miller's Patrick for The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

The movie based off the book by Stephen Chbosky, is told from the point of view of the narrator, Charlie - a misfit junior at his first year of high school coming into his own with two other wallflowers, Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller). In a sea of promising supporting performances like Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained and Alan Arkin in Argo to name a few, Ezra Miller's Patrick, to me, was fearless.

Swinging back to how great high school centered movies used to be like The Breakfast Club, the members of the Wallflowers are all kids you'd want to be friends with, or have known at some point in your life. Though Emma Watson and Logan Lerman don't lag too far behind in giving respectful performances each, Miller is exuberantly charismatic and manages to stand out on screen just a wee bit more.

His character is introduced by confronting the shop teacher he had just wrongfully impersonated. In a bit of a light yet what-could-be-awkward drama, Miller from then on is in a heavy dose of scenes that he either makes you laugh out loud or gives off an incredible air of down-to-earth relatability.
A major part of who Patrick is is his homosexuality and struggling to stay out in the open with his sexuality, despite his closeted boyfriends' duo personalities. Unlike in so many movies and television shows where homosexual characters are portrayed as a victim or exert overtly stereotypical qualities, Miller doesn't let his characters' sexuality define who he is. He loves who he loves, and that's just a small part of everything that makes up his personality as a loving brother and loyal friend.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower is balanced with comical scenes sprinkled over the largely heavily-emotional material. Miller in the center of it all, next to Logan Lerman and Emma Watson, has an uncanny openness to him. There's no shying away or hiding in his role. In scenes where Patrick is physically bullied in the school cafeteria or he is delivering a soft-hearted speech to Charlie, Miller is at ease.

Throughout the film, Patrick taunts those who push his buttons to call him Nothing; a overrun taunt his character had been called throughout his school years. And when walk-by characters call him that word, Patrick stands strong that he is more than nothing. I dare say Miller's performance is more than that too.

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