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AMC Theatres Fork & Screen Review

AMC Theaters Fork and Screen Review

AMC Theatres extended their movie-going experiences to include dine-in theaters, aptly called Fork and Screen. My family and I were excited to try it out, having never tried out a dinner and a movie in one sitting before (except at home, of course!). All this time we were waiting for the perfect movie to come along; something funny yet dramatic, and my 23rd birthday was approaching, so we went to see Silver Linings Playbook.

Instead of buying tickets at the theater, we went with purchasing them online in advance. If you've ever purchased movie tickets online, it's the same way you would order tickets for a concert. You order the tickets and get to reserve the seats you want. There's no playing it by ear to see where you can get to sit but choose in advance. At our theater, our seats were divided up into small sections of three or four seats, so we weren't huddled together with strangers and had our own private cove to enjoy dinner.

AMC Theaters Fork and Screen Review
Before the movie started and we settled into our comfortable recliner seats, we were welcomed pleasantly by our waiter. The menu had a variety of pastas, fish, and your classic cheeseburgers and fries. I was in the mood for something simple, so I went for the bacon cheeseburger and fries. While the trailers played, our meals arrived discreetly and in surprise serving sizes. They were more than generous for what you may get at other restaurants for the same price!

Checking in at the theater was like checking into a hotel. There was a wide open waiting area with a bar, so you could enjoy a few drinks and engage in some pre or post-movie conversations. There's no rush to go someplace else to eat or hang out. AMC Theatres Dine-In Theatre invites guests to enjoy ourselves at our own pace with a movie and a meal.

AMC Theaters Fork and Screen Review
Some of our biggest assumptions about the atmosphere were quickly squashed upon watching the movie. We thought the layout of the restaurant would be an intrusion from enjoying the movie with people talking or waiters blocking the screen. But, every time we were approached for our meals and the check, we never missed a scene.

And, what made the experience extra great is that unlike dining at regular restaurants, we weren't rushed to end our meal so the tables could be cleared. Obviously, we're watching a movie! But, it was nice to be able to savor our meals, and especially, our time.

I say this not just because my family are movie-obsessed freaks but because we honestly agreed: The AMC Theatre Dine-In Theatre is our new favorite place to eat. And, if you have the chance to fork over some dough to go, I highly recommend it.

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