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The Perks of Being Wallflower (2012) teaches us about the love we think we deserve

The Perks of Being A Wallflower movie review
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An hour before seeing the film interpretation, I had just finished reading the book. To say the least I was on the fence of expectations. I wanted my heart strings to be tugged, my ears to rock out and to feel the honesty of Charlie's point of view I had come to love from the novel.

Directed and written by the author, Chbosky takes the world he and we know so well and creates an enlivened version of the original material.

With spectacular young adults, the three main wallflowers are brilliant Logan Lerman as Charlie, Ezra Miller as Patrick and Emma Watson as Sam. Together and separately, the trio leaves performances on-screen that leave you wanting to be apart of their tight-knit complicated group. You may come away relating to one of the characters, or all three. For me, I felt the closest to Charlie having experienced crippling shyness in my own adolescence. But the humble dramaticism of Ezra Miller's Patrick, and the warm and loving beauty plus brains of Emma Watson's Sam will also leave you a friend of their group.

A major dynamic of both the film and the book is the attention towards music, which is a main love between the characters. Chbosky's strongest points with direction is his attention to detail with touching and heartfelt scenes such as the Homecoming dance or discovering the 'tunnel song'.

While the film greatly executes the trio's friendships and the journey of teenage adolescence, I felt some of the equally important relationships of Charlie's is reduced to some flashbacks and cameos. His complicated relationship to his Aunt Helen, mother, and sister aren't heavily delved into, which I think for book fans might feel like there are some pieces to the main puzzle missing.

Like the book has been a mainstay for generations because of its relevancy, the film will find equal success. Following the footsteps other iconic teen films like The Breakfast Club, fans will find the films' influence infinitely appealing and entertaining. And also be inspired to not dream it but be it.

Rating: ★★★

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